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February: Player of the Month-Emilio Navarrete at EduKick Manchester

Emilio Navarrete has earned February: Player of the Month through his hard work and determination to improve not only on the field but also in his academic studies. Emilio, from Mexico, is one of our youngest players on the program. He is currently studying his US high school studies alongside his BTEC. Prior to the […]

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What To Avoid As a Dedicated Soccer Player

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. -Pele Many are the athletes who, in spite of fantastic skill and incredible endurance, lose their professional careers because of one personal failing or another. For a young soccer […]

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EduKick Manchester: Player of the Month Quinn Bredin

Ready to take your soccer training to the next level? Learn more about EduKick Soccer Programs in Spain, England, Italy, France, Mexico, and Brazil. Contact us today for a student handbook. 866.338.5425 or internationally 001.905.469.5661 Quinn Bredin – Player of the Month! Quinn Bredin has been nominated to be September’s Player of the Month. His […]

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Soccer Tips: 5 Ways to Keep Your Game on Track in the Off-Season

Training in the off-season keeps your muscles and your mind fit even when game play is a long way off. 1. Start Interval Training – Soccer is about quick stops and starts, so sprint in varying directions for 15 seconds each, taking short breaks every four or five change-ups. 2. Speed Up Reaction Time – […]

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Soccer School: Madrid Director talks Football and Education

Meet Nacho Mallo – Director of Education and Welfare in Madrid, Spain. Start Your Pro Football (Soccer) Training EIFA offers academic year football (soccer) academies in England, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the USA. Contact us today!

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Professional Soccer Training-Aziz First Football Training Session with 2nd Team of AS Cannes (U17)

Joel Campi, who is the head coach, was very pleased with Aziz’ level and his behavior. Aziz had integrated very quickly in the group, and he really enjoyed this first experience. During this training session the team played short, 3 touch field games and Turn Over defense/offence. At the end of the session I had […]

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Soccer Training: EduKick France Pro Trial Program

The EduKick France Trial program has started off very well! The two EduKick footballers, James and Aziz, really impressed on this demanding, physical, core-training session (with Alain-the EduKick France HIFA trainer). The boys are preparing well for the upcoming professional trial sessions that are part of this unique professional trial football program located in Cannes, […]

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EduKick Canada | Soccer Training and Language Study Videos

Joey interviews an EduKick player from Africa about his experience with EduKick Canada. Joey speaks with footballer Mick Zwane and his soccer training with EduKick Canada. EduKick and PEAC School for Elite Athletes have joined together to offer the best in soccer training and education for aspiring soccer professionals. Experience the international football experience of […]

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EduKick England Relocates to Manchester

EduKick England International Football Academy is relocating to Manchester with Manchester City FC “Football Development Team” delivering the daily football training for the participating international student-footballers. The decision to relocate to the Manchester city center by EduKick England officials was made to add vibrancy to an already successful program. EduKick England will be entering its […]

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EduKick France Soccer Training Videos

EduKick France programs are a complete package of international travel, French cultural exposure, French language study & immersion, academic study and professional football training. EduKick is proud to partner with Hidalgo International Football Academy to ensure that participating players have “the French language & culture football experience of a lifetime!” EduKick and Hidalgo International Football […]

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