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EduKick France – Soccer and Culture

Do you like soccer (football)? How about international travel and cultural experiences? Would you love to see France in the spring, the Riviera in the fall? EduKick – the ultimate soccer training experience – has an outstanding facility in Cannes, France – AKA the French Riviera. EduKick is not only high level Soccer development. A […]

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Soccer Tips: Fueling Your Game

Soccer Tips: Fueling Your Game: To achieve maximum performance you must ensure you fuel your body correctly. Your muscles, your mind, your heart, your lungs – even your bones – require a consistent flow of healthy food and water. Knowing your required calorie intake will help give you an idea of how much food you […]

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EduKick Spain and Real Sociedad’s Roberto Navajas

Joey Bilotta introduced Roberto Navajas to the Student-Players at EduKick Spain recently. Navajas spoke on his life and excellent soccer career and answered questions on various soccer and career moves. Working toward your goal of becoming the best student-player you can be? Contact EduKick for more information at 866.338.5425. or internationally at 001.905.469-5661 EduKick Madrid […]

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Soccer Pictures from EduKick Manchester

Want to see more great soccer pictures? EduKick Manchester’s Week 5 training pictures are right here!

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Soccer Pictures from EduKick Manchester

It’s October again, and EduKick Manchester is busy. Three new student-players have joined the team, and two great games are already under our belts. Each of them is doing a fine job for so early in the year. Take a look at the rest of the pictures of the guys and their early progress here. […]

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Soccer Training Pictures: Match La Roquette Versus USCBO

James played his 1st official championship match in La Roquette. He performed well and with great determination and focus. We can easily see him trying out for a professional career if he continues to condition and train as he has been doing up until now. Pictures of Official Match at La Roquette vs USCBO It’s […]

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Soccer Tips: How To Stay Hydrated Part II

#1 Before the Game: Track your fluid intake-aiming for at least 8 glasses of water, juice or milk a day-and more when you are working out or on the field. *Tip: Keep a water bottle to refill as needed. Reduce dehydrating drinks like sodas, coffee, and especially alcohol. #2 During the Game: Halftime is the […]

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Soccer Tips: Avoiding Dehydration

Drinking enough fluid should be a priority for every player and coach. Water keeps you cool from the inside out, increases blood flow to the muscles and brain, boosts stamina, bolsters focus and gives you the edge others may lack. Even slight dehydration (-2%) can lead to significantly poor performance. Greater loss causes damage in […]

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Education and Football: EduKick Canada and PEAC Academy Training

Learn more about EduKick Canada and our International Soccer and Education Academies PEAC offers a morning fitness/strength/condition/yoga program from 8:15am to 9:15am every morning. Student-Players stay in PEAC school residence building monitored 24/7 by EduKick Canada – PEAC. PEAC has teamed up with some of the best sport psychology professionals to deliver a comprehensive sport […]

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Soccer School: Training with EduKick Canada at PEAC

EduKick and PEAC School for Elite Athletes have combined their strengths to offer the “EduKick Canada PEAC Soccer Boarding School” for student-athletes interested in applying to a US or Canadian University and its associated soccer program or pursuing a possible professional soccer career. Watch a live training session in action at EduKick Canada’s PEAC Soccer […]

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