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Celebrating Our Ethnic & Cultural Diversity at EduKick!

EduKick is a soccer training academy that provides much more than excellent soccer skills, academic focus, language training and pro-trial access. When a student-player attends EduKick, they develop the ability to understand people of other cultures and work in an environment that requires them to think and make smart choices under pressure. This invaluable experience […]

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EduKick Improves Soccer School Accommodations

EduKick works hard to be the best in the industry. This year is no exception for EduKick England as they improve in several areas. First, new pathways are now being formalized with GCSE’s, US high school studies, and A-levels which open up a variety of new avenues for our players. In addition to this, students […]

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EduKick USA Provides Opportunities for College Soccer Scholarships!

If your soccer goals include opportunities for College Soccer Scholarships, then EduKick USA may be the best fit for you! Connections Edukick USA has strong partnerships with many soccer clubs throughout America, from grass roots to the professional level. They also maintain an extensive network of colleges and training associations. Sam Tajoga, the General Director […]

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EduKick England: Penalty Save by Eric and Irving

The team had another great performance and win this week when we traveled to Preston to play Myerscough on their home turf. With a greatly improved performance, playing out from the back, keeping calm and capitalizing on our chances, we came away with a 3-1 victory. Goals from Irving, Fernando and Suraj sealed the victory, […]

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What Makes EduKick Madrid a Unique Soccer Academy?

What Makes EduKick Madrid Unique? 1. EduKick is the first and most experienced privately established Football and Education Youth Academy in Spain. 2. Our pioneering philosophy is to transform young player’s lives and minds for better education, character growth, and the football skill advancement. 3. We provided the first exact replica of the working, living, […]

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First Win of the Year at EduKick Manchester Soccer Academy

The first game of Term Two kicked off with a win over Myerscough Blackburn here at the Edukick Manchester Soccer and Education program. In very difficult conditions and in a game that nearly ended after the first 5 minutes because of high winds and rain, the team battled on to come out 2-0 winners. Out […]

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Soccer Pictures from EduKick England Soccer Academy

In Manchester, England, the EduKick boys continue to train daily at the Platt Lane complex, home of MCFC youth Academy. Thanks to the variety of facilities at Platt Lane, the training continues, even with the snow making an appearance at the start and end of the week. It’s great that we have the indoor pitch […]

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What To Avoid As a Dedicated Soccer Player

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. -Pele Many are the athletes who, in spite of fantastic skill and incredible endurance, lose their professional careers because of one personal failing or another. For a young soccer […]

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EduKick Virtual Trainer – Online Soccer Fitness Conditioning Programs

Dr. Javier Mallo, EduKick partner and current fitness coach at Manchester City Football Club, now offers a virtual soccer fitness conditioning service for competitive footballers worldwide. Dr. Javier Mallo Ph.D.Sports Science Masters Degree in High Performance in Sports B.S. Sports Science B.S. Physiotherapy. Fitness Coach at EduKick Madrid – six seasons Fitness Coach at U.D. […]

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EduKick: Soccer and Education in One Program

EduKick is now teaching and training student-players all over the world. With Academies in France, England, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the United States our staff works hard every day to develop highly trained and educated soccer (or football) players for the purpose of furthering the spectacular and unique game that is soccer. Around […]

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