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Soccer Pro-Trial Preparation Tips Video from EduKick Manchester

Recently, Harry Price – director of the UK Football Trials – visited EduKick Manchester. He spent two days checking out the Pro-Trials program at the academy and even took time to inform and encourage the EduKick Manchester student-players. Register Today! UK Football Trials have spent the last two days with Edukick Manchester meeting the staff […]

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Soccer Tips: Fueling Your Game

Soccer Tips: Fueling Your Game: To achieve maximum performance you must ensure you fuel your body correctly. Your muscles, your mind, your heart, your lungs – even your bones – require a consistent flow of healthy food and water. Knowing your required calorie intake will help give you an idea of how much food you […]

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EduKick | Nutrition Tips for Optimum Performance

Training hard is not enough, as a player it is important to keep up with excellent nutrition. EduKick Madrid players received the following nutrition lesson to help them obtain their goals on and off the field: Menus for Athletes (As endorsed by the Medical Services of Real Madrid) A good diet is key to a […]

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