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EduKick Manchester – Training from the Pros!

EduKick Manchester Academy students were recently invited to participate as a squad in the English Professional Footballers Association (PFA) UEFA B license coaching course. The PFA organization takes care of all current and ex-professional players – providing opportunities and support during and after their careers. A number of current and ex-professional players were participating in […]

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Preparing for an EduKick Academy Year-Long Program-Part 1

Workouts Don’t neglect any workouts you already engage in to keep yourself fit. Keep your body in its routine for an easier transition into formal training. Edukick will provide you with a specific preparation program that will help you to adapt for the rigorous requirements of daily participation in the Year Long program. A year […]

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Soccer Success Story: EduKick Alumni Duncan McCormick

Yet another soccer success story from EduKick Madrid! Duncan McCormick, age 17, from Seattle, Washington, spent the 2010/11 season at the EduKick Madrid Academy. Since returning home, Duncan has been part of the Seattle Sounders Academy (MLS franchise) and this past season has become a regular starter for the U18 Squad as well as participating […]

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EduKick Improves Soccer School Accommodations

EduKick works hard to be the best in the industry. This year is no exception for EduKick England as they improve in several areas. First, new pathways are now being formalized with GCSE’s, US high school studies, and A-levels which open up a variety of new avenues for our players. In addition to this, students […]

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EduKick USA Provides Opportunities for College Soccer Scholarships!

If your soccer goals include opportunities for College Soccer Scholarships, then EduKick USA may be the best fit for you! Connections Edukick USA has strong partnerships with many soccer clubs throughout America, from grass roots to the professional level. They also maintain an extensive network of colleges and training associations. Sam Tajoga, the General Director […]

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Soccer Video: The Ultimate Soccer Academy-EduKick Manchester

Watch how EduKick Manchester is the ultimate in English soccer academies here! Ready to take your soccer playing to the next level? Then training with EduKick Manchester may be the right fit for you! Contact EduKick for more information at 866.338.5425. or internationally at 001.905.469-5661

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Soccer Video: Interview with the EduKick G.M.

Watch an interview here with Jon Morgan – the General Manager of EduKick. The conversation takes place at Edukick Manchester, England’s premier soccer and education academy. Working toward your goal of becoming the best student-player you can be? Contact EduKick for more information at 866.338.5425. or internationally at 001.905.469-5661

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What Makes EduKick Madrid a Unique Soccer Academy?

What Makes EduKick Madrid Unique? 1. EduKick is the first and most experienced privately established Football and Education Youth Academy in Spain. 2. Our pioneering philosophy is to transform young player’s lives and minds for better education, character growth, and the football skill advancement. 3. We provided the first exact replica of the working, living, […]

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International Soccer Training Pictures from EduKick Manchester

The goal of EduKick Manchester is to work with players on every aspect of their training to ensure they develop the physical, technical, tactical and mental foundation required for better performance in football matches. This is accomplished through coaching and training in advanced strength and conditioning techniques, uniquely integrated with mental, nutritional and sports medical […]

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EduKick France – Soccers Pictures from EduKick France

The EduKick France-HIFA “French Language Study & Immersion” course is located in Cannes, the French Riviera. French Language Study student-players attend classes and have full boarding school at the INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF CANNES. The college is located directly across from the beach and a short distance from the city centre! See more great soccer pictures […]

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