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EduKick International Football Academies – Real Madrid U18 plays EduKick Madrid Academy

Want to see how EduKick students perform under pressure? Watch this video of EduKick Madrid players against Real Madrid U18! Call 1.866.338.5425 or 001.905.469-5661 to start your elite football (soccer) training today.

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Manchester United Vs. Real Madrid – EduKick Students to Watch!

EduKick Madrid students are excited about this game! March 5, 2013 Tuesday at 13:45 (CT) UEFA Champions League Second part of 16 Rounds Manchester United Vs. Real Madrid Watch it with us, and let us know what you thought. Experience the language, soccer/football, and cultural experience of a lifetime! Contact EduKick for more information at […]

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EduKick Manchester: Students Attend Man City vs. Real Madrid Champions Match

EduKick Manchester International student-players receive daily training sessions and more from Manchester City Platt Lane Football Development Team. All daily academic studies of English Language classes or BTEC Sports Studies are delivered at our school located in the heart of the city. On weekends, as part of EduKick Manchester’s Soccer and Education program, participants have […]

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Soccer Academy: EduKick Students Enjoy Spain

Each day students rise early in the university dorm rooms and prepare for the day in their spacious and homey accommodations. After a nutritious Spanish breakfast, the high school students are taken by private bus to attend classes at EduKick Madrid Academy’s High School affiliate, Rosa Chacel. Twice per week Spanish language immersion students start […]

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Soccer News: EduKick Welcomes Coach Alonso

EduKick officials announced that former Spanish National Team Assistant Coach, Jesús Paredes Alonso, who assisted in winning the European Cup in 2008, has been added to the technical soccer staff at EduKick Madrid Football Academy. Jesús has always been fond of youth football development, so it was no surprise when he quickly accepted the invitation. […]

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Soccer Tips: Match Feedback from EduKick Madrid’s Head Coach

Ready to take your game to the next level? Contact us today! Watch Edukick Madrid´s Head Coach, Sergio León, give match feedback for improvement at the residence of students in the Autonomous University of Madrid. EduKick Madrid offers an academic year football and education academy. Half year, Semester and Monthly options also available. Check out […]

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Training for Soccer: EduKick England vs. Real Madrid!

You’ve seen us talk about EduKick England’s tie with Real Madrid during the Alcala Cup. Now, check out the video of the last few moments of this historic event! EIFA offers academic year football (soccer) academies in England, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the USA. Registrations are open now for academic year programs […]

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Professional Soccer Training: EduKick England Ties Real Madrid!

A big congratulations to the boys from EduKick England! Not only did they play Real Madrid, one of the world’s biggest football clubs, but they tied them! EduKick England held the Spanish giants to a nil score, making the final score 0-0. The EduKick staff have expressed their pride in the players. “A brave performance […]

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International Football (Soccer) Tournament Prep- Madrid, Spain

International Football (Soccer) Tournament – Madrid, Spain (EduKick Madrid & EduKick England prepare!) Youth football (soccer) teams from England & Spain prepare to face off against Real Madrid U18! What an honor to face off against such a great team in an international football tournament. Great experience for our football boarding school players. Defending Alcala […]

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EduKick Football Academies To Play REAL MADRID!

EduKick Madrid and EduKick England Football Academies to face REAL MADRID C.F. in Madrid based Spanish Easter Youth Tournament, the Alcala de Henares Cup! “This is an unbelievable opportunity for our EduKick academy players to play against what many would call the greatest club in the world…REAL MADRID,” said Joey Bilotta, vice president of EduKick […]

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