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EduKick Offers Greater Exposure – Rovers Coaching Session

This week EduKick Manchester invited the Coaches of the Blackburn Rovers Football Club to come and offer a a couple of training sessions with our student-players. Having opportunities like this with other coaches and clubs highlights the players’ skills and enables them to experience various coaching styles. They also get a close encounter with the […]

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2012-2013 An Exciting Soccer Year for EduKick Manchester

Watching the Pros Throughout the year we went to watch many live games in the Manchester area, including the three champions league games the Manchester City featured in. These were great experiences, not only the champions league games but also the lower league games as the lads got to see all different levels of UK […]

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EduKick Manchester UK Trials Program

EduKick is delighted to announce the introduction of a brand new product: the “EduKick Manchester, UK Trials program.” EduKick Manchester Trials Program is a 2-week course designed for international players, aged 14+. We provide the opportunity to train in a professional environment under the guidance of highly qualified coaches. This leads to an open trial […]

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Pro Soccer HIFA Trials – EduKick France

Sebestian Nassif, HIFA Director, in Cannes, FranceJon Morgan, General Manager of EduKick interviews Sebestian Nassif, HIFA Director, in Cannes, France.

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Soccer Tip: How to Write a Recruitment Letter

Below is an example of the recruiting tip provided by Metro-U Sports: A college recruiting cover letter is the most effective way to make a first impression. And A well-organized cover letter provides an enormous opportunity to express your character as well as your talent ability. Remember to be creative! This cover letter example will […]

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Professional Soccer Training-Aziz First Football Training Session with 2nd Team of AS Cannes (U17)

Joel Campi, who is the head coach, was very pleased with Aziz’ level and his behavior. Aziz had integrated very quickly in the group, and he really enjoyed this first experience. During this training session the team played short, 3 touch field games and Turn Over defense/offence. At the end of the session I had […]

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Soccer Training: EduKick France Pro Trial Program

The EduKick France Trial program has started off very well! The two EduKick footballers, James and Aziz, really impressed on this demanding, physical, core-training session (with Alain-the EduKick France HIFA trainer). The boys are preparing well for the upcoming professional trial sessions that are part of this unique professional trial football program located in Cannes, […]

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EduKick Alumni Soccer Success Stories – England

“Just wanted to pass on some positive news from some of our students who have just left. Some great positive outcomes from the students of 2010 – 2011. Well done everyone.”  Best wishes – Michael Brennan Mohamed Hani has once again been selected for the Egyptian National team, where his coach has commented on his improvement and […]

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EduKick Alumni Update: Mason Hampel

Mason here,  I am 19 years old and currently playing in Holland with GVV UNITAS.   We play in the forth division Dutch league.  I work part-time and play footy in the evenings with a game every Sunday. Experience: EduKick Spain 2006-2007 In 2006 I was in the year long Spain Madrid program.  I left home […]

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Get a Chance for a Professional Trial!

If you’re interested in a professional trial, then we’ve got one for you! Check out the latest opportunity that we’re providing for all our former participants! Our associated 4th Division la Liga team in Madrid, Alcobendas A.D., has just announced the beginning of their official 2009-10 training and trial season, beginning August 10, 2009. Alcobendas […]

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