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EduKick Alumni Turning Pro Around the World

EduKick Soccer Pros Ever wondered what EduKick International Football Academies (EIFA) alumni are up to? So were we. Take a moment to look at all the fantastic soccer players around the world who started at an EduKick Academy. Let’s begin with David Somma. David Somma is an alumnus of EduKick Madrid Football Academy. At the […]

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Soccer Pro-Trial Preparation Tips Video from EduKick Manchester

Recently, Harry Price – director of the UK Football Trials – visited EduKick Manchester. He spent two days checking out the Pro-Trials program at the academy and even took time to inform and encourage the EduKick Manchester student-players. Register Today! UK Football Trials have spent the last two days with Edukick Manchester meeting the staff […]

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EduKick England Video: Train and Play Methods

Watch Jon Morgan, General Manager of EIFA, tell us about the awesome methods EduKick Manchester uses to expose their soccer academy students to other clubs, coaches and give them the best soccer and academic education possible internationally. Experience the language, football, and cultural experience of a lifetime! Contact EduKick for more information at 866.338.5425. or […]

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Diversity of EduKick International Students

Want to know where EduKick students are from? The answer is everywhere. Listen to this groups of students from last year’s EduKick England class tell you where they are from!

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2012-2013 An Exciting Soccer Year for EduKick Manchester

Watching the Pros Throughout the year we went to watch many live games in the Manchester area, including the three champions league games the Manchester City featured in. These were great experiences, not only the champions league games but also the lower league games as the lads got to see all different levels of UK […]

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EduKick Academies: Soccer Success Stories

Why does EduKick have so many success stories? Our academies around the world train for excellence and because of the pedigree of our academy staff we are well-connected to the professional soccer community locally and internationally. These connections allow us to offer remarkable opportunities to every player who attends one of our programs. Here are […]

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