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What To Avoid As a Dedicated Soccer Player

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. -Pele Many are the athletes who, in spite of fantastic skill and incredible endurance, lose their professional careers because of one personal failing or another. For a young soccer […]

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EduKick: Soccer and Education in One Program

EduKick is now teaching and training student-players all over the world. With Academies in France, England, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the United States our staff works hard every day to develop highly trained and educated soccer (or football) players for the purpose of furthering the spectacular and unique game that is soccer. Around […]

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EduKick England: Soccer Training Pictures

Each week the students are put through their paces in fitness sessions which vary from endurance, strength, conditioning and technical movements associated with the game. All students are expected to use these sessions to improve fitness for the game and to provide ideas along with them being a learning tool for the personal fitness sessions. […]

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EduKick Soccer Students see Monaco FC vs FC Nantes

Fun at the Game!Last Saturday some of the Student-Players attended a League 2 Pro game in Monaco.

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Meet Footballers from 2012/13 EduKick Manchester International Football and Education Academy

Meet the international footballers at the 2012/13 EduKick Manchester Football and Education Academy! This video playlist includes over 20 interviews with current EduKick Manchester participants in several different languages. Now accepting half-year registrations now through November 30.

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Pro Soccer HIFA Trials – EduKick France

Sebestian Nassif, HIFA Director, in Cannes, FranceJon Morgan, General Manager of EduKick interviews Sebestian Nassif, HIFA Director, in Cannes, France.

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Canadian Soccer Club Tours Cannes, France

EduKick Club Soccer “Team Tours” are custom designed “friendly” soccer tours. Interested? Call 866.338.5425 or internationally at 001.905.469.5661 Oakville, Ontario MCM Soccer Club began a tour of Cannes, France, recently for a one week “friendly soccer tour.” This tour (while not unusual for this extraordinary club) demonstrates their outstanding ability to remain full of sportsmanship […]

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EduKick Manchester: Player of the Month Quinn Bredin

Ready to take your soccer training to the next level? Learn more about EduKick Soccer Programs in Spain, England, Italy, France, Mexico, and Brazil. Contact us today for a student handbook. 866.338.5425 or internationally 001.905.469.5661 Quinn Bredin – Player of the Month! Quinn Bredin has been nominated to be September’s Player of the Month. His […]

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USA Soccer Academy: Student Appreciates New Experiences

HONGYU (RAINBOW) ZHOU GRADE 10 CHINA What do you enjoy most about the program? “I have made a lot of American friends here, something you cannot do in China. I have a lot of chances to experience new things that I never have before. I also enjoy the American way of life and the U.S. […]

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USA Soccer Academy: Students Recommend EduKick

VICTOR LOPES GRADE 12 BRAZIL What do you enjoy most about the program? “Well, the support that the staff and the other students gave to me when I came here, different activities during the week, and the structure they offer are examples of what I like about PIA.” What have you learned during your stay? […]

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