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EduKick Manchester Soccer Training: Getting Your Head In the Game

Last Friday opened the first fixture in a new term at EduKick Manchester. While the final result wasn’t spectacular, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

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Interview with the Principal of EduKick Manchester Soccer Academy

Watch an interview with the Principal of EduKick Manchester’s Soccer and Education Academy! Experience the language, soccer, and cultural experience of a lifetime! Call 1-905-469-5661 to start your elite soccer training today.

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Soccer Video: OSC Boys U13 Squad in Madrid

A 14 minute video of Oakville Soccer Club Boys U13 Squad in Madrid: We started training with OSC Boys U13 squad on Monday, September 17, after holding an initial meeting detailing expectations to be achieved during the week’s training. Training: team objectives, each player’s role, team cohesion and other factors influencing game performance. Session 1: […]

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Soccer Tip: How to Write a Recruitment Letter

Below is an example of the recruiting tip provided by Metro-U Sports: A college recruiting cover letter is the most effective way to make a first impression. And A well-organized cover letter provides an enormous opportunity to express your character as well as your talent ability. Remember to be creative! This cover letter example will […]

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Soccer News: EduKick Welcomes Coach Alonso

EduKick officials announced that former Spanish National Team Assistant Coach, Jesús Paredes Alonso, who assisted in winning the European Cup in 2008, has been added to the technical soccer staff at EduKick Madrid Football Academy. Jesús has always been fond of youth football development, so it was no surprise when he quickly accepted the invitation. […]

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Soccer Tips: Match Feedback from EduKick Madrid’s Head Coach

Ready to take your game to the next level? Contact us today! Watch Edukick Madrid´s Head Coach, Sergio León, give match feedback for improvement at the residence of students in the Autonomous University of Madrid. EduKick Madrid offers an academic year football and education academy. Half year, Semester and Monthly options also available. Check out […]

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Scoring Under Pressure: 5 Tips to Stay Focused

You come in with a plan, in control of the ball. You’re confident in your abilities, and you know your role on the pitch. And then it happens. Some outside force, slight distraction or unexplainable fumble sends a self-assured player into panic mode. Don’t Put Your Brain on Auto-Pilot “We must have had 99% of […]

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EduKick Canada | Soccer Training and Language Study Videos

Joey interviews an EduKick player from Africa about his experience with EduKick Canada. Joey speaks with footballer Mick Zwane and his soccer training with EduKick Canada. EduKick and PEAC School for Elite Athletes have joined together to offer the best in soccer training and education for aspiring soccer professionals. Experience the international football experience of […]

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EduKick England Relocates to Manchester

EduKick England International Football Academy is relocating to Manchester with Manchester City FC “Football Development Team” delivering the daily football training for the participating international student-footballers. The decision to relocate to the Manchester city center by EduKick England officials was made to add vibrancy to an already successful program. EduKick England will be entering its […]

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EduKick France Soccer Training Videos

EduKick France programs are a complete package of international travel, French cultural exposure, French language study & immersion, academic study and professional football training. EduKick is proud to partner with Hidalgo International Football Academy to ensure that participating players have “the French language & culture football experience of a lifetime!” EduKick and Hidalgo International Football […]

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