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Soccer Tips: How To Stay Hydrated Part II

#1 Before the Game: Track your fluid intake-aiming for at least 8 glasses of water, juice or milk a day-and more when you are working out or on the field. *Tip: Keep a water bottle to refill as needed. Reduce dehydrating drinks like sodas, coffee, and especially alcohol. #2 During the Game: Halftime is the […]

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Soccer Tips: Avoiding Dehydration

Drinking enough fluid should be a priority for every player and coach. Water keeps you cool from the inside out, increases blood flow to the muscles and brain, boosts stamina, bolsters focus and gives you the edge others may lack. Even slight dehydration (-2%) can lead to significantly poor performance. Greater loss causes damage in […]

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Soccer Tip: How to Write a Recruitment Letter

Below is an example of the recruiting tip provided by Metro-U Sports: A college recruiting cover letter is the most effective way to make a first impression. And A well-organized cover letter provides an enormous opportunity to express your character as well as your talent ability. Remember to be creative! This cover letter example will […]

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Soccer Tips: 5 Ways to Keep Your Game on Track in the Off-Season

Training in the off-season keeps your muscles and your mind fit even when game play is a long way off. 1. Start Interval Training – Soccer is about quick stops and starts, so sprint in varying directions for 15 seconds each, taking short breaks every four or five change-ups. 2. Speed Up Reaction Time – […]

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Scoring Under Pressure: 5 Tips to Stay Focused

You come in with a plan, in control of the ball. You’re confident in your abilities, and you know your role on the pitch. And then it happens. Some outside force, slight distraction or unexplainable fumble sends a self-assured player into panic mode. Don’t Put Your Brain on Auto-Pilot “We must have had 99% of […]

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Training for Soccer: Team Cohesion

When a soccer team functions well, all the members of the group come together for a greater cause. They become a family, struggling to meet shared goals together. They win or lose as a team. With new players cycling into the team, it is essential that everyone stays on the same wavelength.

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EduKick | Nutrition Tips for Optimum Performance

Training hard is not enough, as a player it is important to keep up with excellent nutrition. EduKick Madrid players received the following nutrition lesson to help them obtain their goals on and off the field: Menus for Athletes (As endorsed by the Medical Services of Real Madrid) A good diet is key to a […]

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EduKick Canada | Soccer Training and Language Study Videos

Joey interviews an EduKick player from Africa about his experience with EduKick Canada. Joey speaks with footballer Mick Zwane and his soccer training with EduKick Canada. EduKick and PEAC School for Elite Athletes have joined together to offer the best in soccer training and education for aspiring soccer professionals. Experience the international football experience of […]

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5 Useful Soccer Tips to Use in Play

Here are 5 tips to use to stay at the top of your game during a match: 1. Possession – If your team has the ball the opposition cannot score! Use the space provided by the whole field. Use precise one or two touch passes with quick movement, moving the ball from one side of […]

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EduKick England | Training Sessions

Dave, Goal Keeper Coach for the Bolton Wanderers, helps goal keepers to develop the different areas of themselves that they use in order to be an effective goal keeper. BWFC ISS Coach James Ward puts students through the paces at our “Explosive Power” core fitness session at the Bolton Arena gym. Experience the international football […]

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