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What Makes EduKick Madrid a Unique Soccer Academy?

What Makes EduKick Madrid Unique? 1. EduKick is the first and most experienced privately established Football and Education Youth Academy in Spain. 2. Our pioneering philosophy is to transform young player’s lives and minds for better education, character growth, and the football skill advancement. 3. We provided the first exact replica of the working, living, […]

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EduKick Soccer Academy: EarlyBird Registration Discount!

REGISTER for the 2013/14 Year-Long course Before February 28th, 2013 Receive a $2,000 USD Discount! EduKick Manchester Football & Education Course E-Brochure Check out what we do here!

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EduKick: Soccer and Education in One Program

EduKick is now teaching and training student-players all over the world. With Academies in France, England, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the United States our staff works hard every day to develop highly trained and educated soccer (or football) players for the purpose of furthering the spectacular and unique game that is soccer. Around […]

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EduKick France – Soccer and Culture

Do you like soccer (football)? How about international travel and cultural experiences? Would you love to see France in the spring, the Riviera in the fall? EduKick – the ultimate soccer training experience – has an outstanding facility in Cannes, France – AKA the French Riviera. EduKick is not only high level Soccer development. A […]

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EduKick England: Soccer Training Pictures

Each week the students are put through their paces in fitness sessions which vary from endurance, strength, conditioning and technical movements associated with the game. All students are expected to use these sessions to improve fitness for the game and to provide ideas along with them being a learning tool for the personal fitness sessions. […]

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EduKick Information: E-Manuals are Here!

Need more details about EduKick International football Academies…check out the online course e-Manuals! E-Manual for Madrid, Spain – http://www.nxtbook.com/dawson/edukick/madrid_football_academy/ E-Manual for Manchester, England – http://www.nxtbook.com/dawson/edukick/manchester_football_academy/ E-Manual for Cannes, France (Junior) – http://www.nxtbook.com/dawson/edukick/france_junior_football_academy/ E-Manual for Cannes, France (Senior) – http://www.nxtbook.com/dawson/edukick/france_senior_football_academy/ E-Manual for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – http://www.nxtbook.com/dawson/edukick/mexico_football_academy/ Coming Soon: Brazil, USA, Canada and Italy e-Manuals (Email […]

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EduKick Manchester: Students Attend Man City vs. Real Madrid Champions Match

EduKick Manchester International student-players receive daily training sessions and more from Manchester City Platt Lane Football Development Team. All daily academic studies of English Language classes or BTEC Sports Studies are delivered at our school located in the heart of the city. On weekends, as part of EduKick Manchester’s Soccer and Education program, participants have […]

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Soccer Mom Thankful for EduKick

“Happy Thanksgiving to you all! We are thankful – most importantly – for being alive and healthy! We are thankful for our family and friends. We are thankful for all of the wonderful new experiences we’ve had this year, especially my son Ian for being part of Edukick Spain, and all the wonderful staff that […]

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EduKick Manchester Academy Players in Givova Gear

Only the best for our Student-Players, and their gear is no exception. Here you will find the boys hard at work in the Brookhouse Building in Inlingua Manchester of Manchester City Centre and still looking good in their new Givova Academy Football Gear from EduKick Manchester’s gear supplier. Native English speakers on our unique year […]

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EduKick Brazil Soccer & Education

EduKick Brazil Futebol & Education – Cruzeiro Esporte Clube – Offers year long, half-year and monthly Portuguese language study and daily training with Cruzeiro! EduKick Brazil – Armandinho Skills Boarding School players reside at the famous Fluminense FC Youth Academy Training Centre for the entire academic year. The Academy is located in XerĂ©m, a small […]

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