Soccer Pro-Trial Preparation Tips Video from EduKick Manchester

Recently, Harry Price – director of the UK Football Trials – visited EduKick Manchester. He spent two days checking out the Pro-Trials program at the academy and even took time to inform and encourage the EduKick Manchester student-players.

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UK Football Trials have spent the last two days with Edukick Manchester meeting the staff and learning about all aspects of the program. The whole setup is superb, from the facilities, student welfare and programs available. In our opinion it provides the players with everything they could possibly need to progress in their football and academic studies.

There are plenty of opportunities to showcase their ability in front of professional club coaches, scouts and see first-hand the level of play required to make it through superb excursions, visits and showcase matches. We delighted to partner with the world’s leading football and education program that offers an unrivaled service compared to any other academy of its type in the UK. – Harry Price of the UKFT

Here are Harry Price’s tips for success at the professional trials. Thank you to Harry and the UKFT!

Ready to take your soccer playing to the next level? Then training with EduKick Manchester may be the right fit for you!
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