Joey Bilotta’s Advice for Soccer Students

shutterstock_119812210Last week, Joey Bilotta traveled from his home in Canada to visit EduKick Manchester student-athletes for a time of encouragement, advice and camaraderie.

His trip motivated the soccer students to pursue soccer for more reasons than the obvious.

For Bilotta, soccer (or football, as they call it in England and much of the rest of the sports world) has been the driving force of his life.

He told them how his career path has not only been full of some awesome time on the field, but also full of people who have become his lifelong friends, amazing experiences internationally, and much more.

See the video here.

And Joey is much more than an average guy who had a soccer career. For him, the thrill and purpose of the game took on a life of its own as he finished his time as a professional player just as he began his work with youth.

Over the last couple of decades he has worked hard as a youth teacher, coach, trainer, camp director, counselor, and program manager. In every way, he as used soccer to teach students how to be the best they can be. And Bilotta does this like no one else.


Since the beginning of EduKick, in 2001, he has been able to put his talents to good use internationally. EduKick has turned out some incredible players in the soccer world.

But, just as important, it has also helped to develop young people with an intercultural competence that provides them with the lifelong gift of being able to work well abroad.

Thank you, Joey, for time well spent telling the guys your story and offering your hard-earned wisdom and advice.

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