Preparing for an EduKick Academy Year-Long Program-Part 1

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Don’t neglect any workouts you already engage in to keep yourself fit. Keep your body in its routine for an easier transition into formal training. Edukick will provide you with a specific preparation program that will help you to adapt for the rigorous requirements of daily participation in the Year Long program.

A year under the guidance of EduKick coaches will dramatically improve your strength and conditioning, so it is important to be prepared. Failing to keep yourself in the best shape possible prior to the program will slow down your development.

Eating the correct food
All EduKick participants are treated as professional athletes, and diet  plays a key part in performance. Eat as healthy a diet as possible and cut out things like soda, desserts and overly-processed foods.

Nutritionally, it pays to be aware of the food culture and selection of the country you will be living in. If you arrive and find that you are quite picky – well, your game and studies will suffer due to a lack of nourishment. Take the time to Google the fare of your temporary home and try a few new things. It will pay off when you get there.

Plus, the fewer surprises you face upon joining the program, the quicker your body will adjust.

Yes, it’s really exciting to embark on a journey to fulfilling your soccer dreams, but spend the week prior to your departure getting plenty of sleep at night to help you be relaxed for your trip.

Jet lag will prevent you from an awesome first few days if you do not prepare, so try to adjust your body to the pattern of sleep required for the country you will visit. If there is a time difference between your home country and the country you will visit make sure that the week before you adjust your schedule a week ahead of time.

Be Aware
EduKick programs use either 3-star hotels, sports complexes, dormitories or home stay to accommodate participants. A safe and secure environment is provided with all of the comforts and conveniences that are required by international students.

Even though you’ll spend almost all of your time training, relaxing and travelling with chaperones, it pays to plan ahead. Start looking at maps of the city around the area where you will stay. Find out which cultural sites you will visit, and learn more about them.

Wherever your EduKick academy provides meals and a place to study and sleep, prepare yourself now to relax, try something new, and enjoy the company and new conversation.

Experience the language, football, and cultural experience of a lifetime!
Contact EduKick for more information at 866.338.5425. or internationally at 001.905.469-5661

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