Celebrating Our Ethnic & Cultural Diversity at EduKick!

EduKick is a soccer training academy that provides much more than excellent soccer skills, academic focus, language training and pro-trial access.

When a student-player attends EduKick, they develop the ability to understand people of other cultures and work in an environment that requires them to think and make smart choices under pressure.

This invaluable experience results in intercultural competence and prepares young soccer players for the world of international soccer.

At EduKick, participants from over 60 different countries around the world attend our programs.

With so many countries come many languages and cultural ideas, our students are taught how to communicate with and appreciate one another both on and off the pitch.

This is not always easy, but soccer is the common element that brings all the student-players together in a way that can happen only through this excellent game.

To help with communication, we provide host-country language lessons so all students learn to communicate with each other in their host-country language. This gives them a common ground of both learning and an ability to relate easily.

We find that participants develop an understanding attitude towards one another in every aspect of the program, allowing them to develop and progress in every way.

In fact, they all help each other when a teammate is struggling in any aspect so development happens more quickly than normal.

Not only do they acquire an understanding of the culture of their host country, but also an exposure to the cultures of their teammates. This allows our participants to become mature and well-rounded in their experience mature with a broader view of the world.

Soccer is now a multicultural sport with participating players in almost every country of the world and many professional leagues now have players from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

In order to make it to the professional level, players myst have an open mind about learning a language, experiencing a culture and respecting the various cultures of your teammates.

EduKick actively trains and prepares its participants for this exact experience.

Experience the language, football, and cultural experience of a lifetime!
Contact EduKick for more information at 866.338.5425. or internationally at 001.905.469-5661

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