First Win of the Year at EduKick Manchester Soccer Academy

The first game of Term Two kicked off with a win over Myerscough Blackburn here at the Edukick Manchester Soccer and Education program.

In very difficult conditions and in a game that nearly ended after the first 5 minutes because of high winds and rain, the team battled on to come out 2-0 winners.

Out of the two teams Edukick was the team that played the best soccer throughout the game, keeping the ball on the ground and trying to play their way out from the back.

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The visitors were struggling with the conditions, and midway through the first half after some great pressure from Edukick, the ball dropped loose to Suraj who slotted it away from close range.

Edukick continued with the calm play, keeping up the pressure and the midfield – keeping the game tight and compact. Towards the end of the first half, with more pressure on the visitors goal again a shot rebounded loose, and this time Jamil was first onto it to make it 2-0.

In the second half Edukick had all the play, creating chances and maintaining their tempo. Jiri had a couple of great efforts from outside the box, as did Fernando. The game could have ended with more for Edukick, but a 2-0 victory and a clean sheet was a great result for the team.

Prior to the game, in the team talk, the Manchester City coaches & Neil had talked about playing out from the back, keeping the ball on the ground and keeping tight at the back to keep a clean sheet. That target was reached and the victory well-deserved.

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