EduKick Virtual Trainer – Online Soccer Fitness Conditioning Programs

Dr. Javier MalloDr. Javier Mallo, EduKick partner and current fitness coach at Manchester City Football Club, now offers a virtual soccer fitness conditioning service for competitive footballers worldwide.

Dr. Javier Mallo
Ph.D.Sports Science
Masters Degree in High Performance in Sports
B.S. Sports Science
B.S. Physiotherapy.

Fitness Coach at EduKick Madrid – six seasons
Fitness Coach at U.D. San Sebastian De Los Reyes – two seasons
Fitness Coach in Atletico de Madrid – two seasons
Fitness Coach at Manchester City Football Club – two seasons, where he remains today.

“I started to work with Dr. Mallo when I was 18 years old, and now (9 years later) I am still following his training programs.” -Raul Medina, former central midfielder for Atletico Madrid

“I first worked with Javier in Atletico de Madrid, and I still periodically update my training plans with him.” -Borja Rubiato, current top scorer in the Spanish 2nd Division with Zamora C.F. (formerly representing Atletico de Madrid, Cadiz, Huesca and Real Oviedo)

EduKick and Dr. Mallo are now partnering to deliver the EduKick Virtual Trainer service as they realize that physical performance has a crucial impact in modern soccer. Research has proven that high-intensity activity has risen has risen in soccer games -as well as the level of competition.

Professional soccer players today are faster and stronger, and require a professional support team behind them to increase their level of performance.

The EduKick Virtual Trainer allows any athlete to use the same tools as the elite soccer players. It provides the support of professional fitness coaches who work on a daily basis with some of the greatest footballers in the world.

The program is set up in six week modules and personalized to fit the needs of individual athletes. The EduKick Virtual Trainer offers them the optimal conditioning fitness program for their physical needs and training facilities as well as their expectations for improvement. Sessions consist of strength and conditioning, field exercises and dietary advice.

Every six weeks, Dr. Mallo meets with the player (via Skype) in order to continue to evaluate, monitor and alter the program for maximum effectiveness. The program includes fitness training plans, videos and pictures which are placed in a “share file” for easy access.

Contact EduKick or visit to learn more about EduKick’s Virtual Soccer Trainer fitness conditioning program with Dr. Javier Mallo.

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