EduKick: Soccer and Education in One Program

EduKick Rocks!
EduKick is now teaching and training student-players all over the world.

With Academies in France, England, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the United States our staff works hard every day to develop highly trained and educated soccer (or football) players for the purpose of furthering the spectacular and unique game that is soccer.

Around the world every year people gather to attend soccer games, watching their favorite athletes compete for titles and trophies. But, soccer is so much more than that. It’s more than the fame and the glory.

Focus and Determination The founders, administrators, teachers and coaches at EduKick work daily to embed the real meaning of soccer into the hearts and minds of their student-players.

Playing soccer is not just about physical attributes, it is also about how you think, and who you are.

At EduKick, knowing how to think is just as important as learning how to play. Courage and character are key elements that go into making a great soccer player.

To this end, EduKick staff around the world offers not just physical training, but professional guidance, supervision, mentorship and expertise to our young players.

In addition to the daily mental and physical training sessions academics are taught and supported.

Students can continue High School studies, learn a new language or follow a sports science course.


Each student’s academic journey is monitored closely by EduKick academic coordinators who liaise with the coaching staff to ensure an equal balance and progression is made on and off the field.

Intercultural competence is very important to Edukick.

Routinely, the student-players are taken on cultural excursions in their place of study in order to fully immerse themselves in the culture around them.

Are you ready to experience the academics, language study, soccer training and cultural immersion that is EduKick?

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