Soccer Quotes and Tips

EduKick BrazilWe have so much soccer to learn from the players who have gone before us as well as the coaches we have with us.

Take a moment to learn something new from those who have played and coached the game of soccer – and won.

“I am living a dream I never want to wake up from.”

-Christiano Ronaldo
Portuguese Football Player
Playing for Real Madrid

“Last year was fantastic, but we have to realize that sometimes you go through tough periods. We can turn this around.”

Yaya Toure

-Yaya Toure
Soccer Player from the Ivory Coast
Playing for Manchester City

“We have a great bunch of lads, some playing abroad – they never used to. This is a great era for Spanish football.”

-Vicente del Bosque
Coach of the Spanish National Team

EduKick Manchester Academy“Growing up, watching the Premier League as far back as I can remember, feeling the trophy and having the medal around my neck was an unbelievable feeling.”

“I just hate losing and that gives you an extra determination to work harder.”

“Everyone who watches me play knows I am an honest player.”

Wayne Rooney
English Football Player
Playing for Manchester United

“Everything starts with a good pass.”

“I don’t want to be interesting. I want to be good.”
-Robin Van Persie
Holland Football Player
Playing for Manchester United

“To introduce you to the fundamentals of kicking, there are two important things: First, support the leg (that is not kicking.) Second, The whole surface of the kicking foot should be turned towards the ball, so that it will go straight.”

-Edukick Madrid General Coordinator

“Football is a game about feelings and intelligence. I hate to speak about individuals. Players don’t win you trophies, teams win trophies, squads win trophies.”

- Jose Mourinho
Portuguese Football Coach
Coaching for Real Madrid

Go EduKick Manchester!

“It really isn’t important who plays.”

Jupp Heynckes
German Football Coach
Coaching FC Beyern Munchen

“I can’t do anything about it, but I’d like to insist once again that I want to stay here. When I say I want to retire in Barça, I say it with all my heart.”

-Andres Iniesta
Spanish Football Player
Playing for Barcelona

“You have to be willing to eat right and sleep right to be on top of your game. If you’re up late playing 360 or Playstation till 3 or 4 in the morning, you won’t play well the next day.”

-Jon Macken
Addressing EduKick England players
Manchester United player

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