EduKick Alumni Zach Cameron

John Abbott Captain Zach Cameron
Want to see what kind of Soccer players EduKick produces?

Here is Zach Cameron from Quebec, Canada.

Zach attended the Edukick England Year Long program 2010-2011. As you can see from his letter, his time at EduKick was well spent!

Here is what he has to say about his life after EduKick:

For my club team I’m currently on trial with a semi-pro team in Quebec, Canada, called Boisbriand.

I captained my College Men’s Division 1 soccer team this past season at John Abbot College, where we
managed to make it to provincial finals.

As for future school plans, as I will be leaving college this year, I’ve been in talks with Quest University (in British Columbia), the University of New Hampshire and the University of Hartford (both schools are NCAA division 1.)

EduKick England virtually changed my career.

I came back from the program twice the man and five times the soccer player.

The program staff provided you with every tool you needed to succeed and made it very evident what you needed to improve on.

The biggest attribute I’ve taken from my time with EduKick is attitude.

I was taught that without the right attitude you have no chance at all, and with this advice I’ve furthered my career much beyond what I thought was possible for myself.

Zach Cameron

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