EduKick Brazil Soccer & Education

EduKick BrazilEduKick Brazil Futebol & Education – Cruzeiro Esporte Clube – Offers year long, half-year and monthly Portuguese language study and daily training with Cruzeiro!

EduKick Brazil – Armandinho Skills Boarding School players reside at the famous Fluminense FC Youth Academy Training Centre for the entire academic year.

The Academy is located in Xerém, a small village of about 20,000 inhabitants about 20 minutes outside of Rio de Janeiro.

Edukick Brazil offers “Football Development” programs with Middle and High School academic study or daily Portuguese language lessons for high school graduates.

After classes each day EduKick Brazil players take to the pitch located within the secured walls of the complex.

Players study, eat, sleep and train within and around the training well-appointed and maintained complex and are supervised 24/7 by the amazing staff.

Ready to take your soccer playing to the next level?
Then training with EduKick Brazil may be the right fit for you!
Call 1.866.338.5425 or Internationally 1.905.469.5661

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