Soccer Academy: EduKick Students Enjoy Spain

EduKick MadridEach day students rise early in the university dorm rooms and prepare for the day in their spacious and homey accommodations.

After a nutritious Spanish breakfast, the high school students are taken by private bus to attend classes at EduKick Madrid Academy’s High School affiliate, Rosa Chacel.

Twice per week Spanish language immersion students start the day with a training session under the guidance of EduKick Madrid Technical director Sergio Leon.

The other three mornings are spent studying Spanish language at another EduKick Madrid Academy affiliate, the language institute called International House.

Lunch in Madrid is the heartiest meal of the day, introducing the student-players to many new foods as well as old favorites like tortillas! High school participants eat lunch at Rosa Chacel while Spanish Language immersion students eat lunch back at the University residence cafeteria.

EduKick MadridOnce the High school participants have returned to the residence after lunch, three afternoons per week are dedicated to all EduKick Madrid participants coming together for soccer technical and tactical training sessions with coach Leone.

As part of the Academy Year Long program, participants have the opportunity to try out for local Madrid Club teams. If successful, they spend two or three evenings per week training with their local squad.

On the weekends, participants take part in competitive match play with the EduKick Madrid Academy squad or their local club squad. Evenings are reserved for a very light dinner and time to call home and work on studies or spend time with new friends in the game room or watching television.

EduKick MadridAt EduKick Madrid Student-Players work hard. They train, practice, study and learn. But sometimes, just when they need a break from all their efforts, EduKick takes them on a journey to enjoy the best of Spain.

Cultural excursions and sight-seeing tours may include day trips to some of the incredible sights around Spain, football stadium tours, and attending professional matches.

Outings to places like Segovia allow the students the opportunity to cross the lush Mountains of Guadaramma, a sharp contrast to the yellow plains of Madrid.

Alcazar CastleThey might enjoy the ancient Roman aqueducts or the 300-year-old fountains in the landscaped gardens of Alcazar castle.

No matter what part of Spain or Spanish football they see, the students will certainly learn to appreciate something new and have a wonderful time bonding with their teammates.

EduKick provides the best of the best from education to training to cultural tours of the most beautiful and historically significant parts of Spain.

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