USA Soccer Academy: Student Appreciates New Experiences


What do you enjoy most about the program?

“I have made a lot of American friends here, something you cannot do in China. I have a lot of chances to experience new things that I never have before. I also enjoy the American way of life and the U.S. culture.

What have you learned during your stay?

“So many things. My spoken English has improved a lot. My English writing has also improved. I have learned how to sing because of concert choir. I finally know how to buy clothes by myself. I never knew how to choose these and now I do.”

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How have you grown and improved?

“I have become more independent. I can do a lot of things by myself. I have learned how to make friends with others from different cultures. I think I am more outgoing. I am always enjoying other people’s company and willing to try new things.”

Would you recommend this program to other students?

“Yes, Mercyhurst is a very wonderful school. The teachers are very kind and are willing to help you solve your questions. If you behave well and study good, you will have an enjoyable experience. The dorm teachers and staff care about us, and will answer our questions. You will also have a chance to experience lots of activities.”

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