Soccer News: EduKick Welcomes Coach Alonso

ParedesEduKick officials announced that former Spanish National Team Assistant Coach, Jesús Paredes Alonso, who assisted in winning the European Cup in 2008, has been added to the technical soccer staff at EduKick Madrid Football Academy.

Jesús has always been fond of youth football development, so it was no surprise when he quickly accepted the invitation.

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Coach Jesús Paredes brings vast experience to the program with a long career of elite achievements at the highest level of Spanish professional football.

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EduKick Madrid international players will benefit from his more than three decades of professional experience working in Spanish football.

Coach Jesús will begin this collaboration during EduKick Madrid’s summer camps in July and August and be there to meet the 2012/13 EduKick MIA players when they assemble in late August.

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