EduKick | Nutrition Tips for Optimum Performance

Training hard is not enough, as a player it is important to keep up with excellent nutrition.

EduKick Madrid players received the following nutrition lesson to help them obtain their goals on and off the field:

Menus for Athletes

(As endorsed by the Medical Services of Real Madrid)

A good diet is key to a productive physical and mental performance! For top athletes, such as soccer players, a good diet should be balanced and precise.

Most importantly, remember to EAT SLOWLY.


Yogurt, milk, cereal, wheat bread, oats, wheat or corn, smoked salmon, eggs, Iberian ham, fresh fruit or natural juice, tomato juice, olive oil and small portions of butter and jam.


Gazpacho, cream vegetables, mixed and plain soups.

Full plate of root vegetables, broccoli, beetroot, tomato, onion, peppers, carrots, courgette, aubergine.

Salads with tuna, anchovies, chicken pieces, corn, raisins, fruit.

Full plate of vegetables, different types of pasta with olive oil, rice with stir-fry and fresh tomatoes, white rice with chicken and tuna or eggs.

Main Courses:

Plate with 150-200 grams of lean red meat, chicken or turkey, blue or white fish, two or three eggs.
Alternatives: 50 grams of fresh or half cured cheese; spanish tortilla made from three eggs and boiled potatoes.

Garnished vegetables, cooked potatoes, corn on the cob.


Sandwiches consisting of tomato, lettuce, tuna, sardines, mackerel, salmon, beef, tortilla, chicken or turkey, fresh cheese.

Dried fruits and a yogurt.

Whole-grain bread, use two to four slices.
Alternatives: Small pack of cereals (30 grams) equivalent to two slices of bread.

Olive Oil, use between two and four spoonfuls when cooking.
Alternatives: Sunflower oil or corn. Butter (a tablespoon two per day maximum instead of oil).

Milk, three glasses daily, three natural yogurts or 100 grams of fresh cheese.

Fruit, three to six daily pieces (slice of melon or watermelon = a fruit).
Alternatives: 2 glasses of natural juice, preferably recently squeezed.

Water, an abundant consumption of fresh water (between 2 to 4 liters or more). Never wait until thirsty. Water must be drank before, during and after eating or exercising. Small sips. Water acts to repair, rehydrate and regulates body temperature during exercise, all of which aids recovery and prevents muscle tiredness.

Desserts, a recommended dessert is natural yogurt with fresh fruit.

Coffee, it is a moderated stimulant, the only one that acts with small doses to improve cardiovascular performance.

Alcohol, ZERO consumption.

Sodas can be considered as an alternative to water with much moderation.

Train hard, eat healthy and get plenty of rest every night and you will be in optimum shape mentally and physically.

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