5 Useful Soccer Tips to Use in Play

Here are 5 tips to use to stay at the top of your game during a match:

1. Possession – If your team has the ball the opposition cannot score!

Use the space provided by the whole field. Use precise one or two touch passes with quick movement, moving the ball from one side of the field to the other will require your opposition to stay very disciplined. As long as you and your teammates stay patient, opportunities to create an effort on goal will come in the final third of the field.

2. Communication – Talking helps!

Teammates do not always see what you can see, so communication is key to success on the field. There are many situations constantly developing on the soccer field throughout the course of the game. It takes more than one person with the ball to win the game! It is important for young players to understand that communication is not criticism. Assisting each other will help you and your teammates become better players and a better team.

3. Mental Strength – stay focused!

Do not allow events before and during the game affect your confidence. If you make a bad pass do not dwell and relive the moment because the next situation is already upon you! Believe in your ability. Before a game, try to picture how you will play and what you will do using all of your previous training sessions and positive moments from previous games as reference. When entering the field for a game, you must be confident in your ability. During the game, always believe that the next thing you do will be the best thing in the game. Believe YOU are the best player on the field!

4. Composure – Stay relaxed and let the game come to you!

In the heat of the game try to stay relaxed and calm. The next pass, shot, tackle or clearance could be decisive and you need to perform the task to the best of your ability for maximum results for the team. Staying calm and taking that extra moment to focus on what you are doing makes all the difference. Do not chase the game, let the game come to you. This means not allowing yourself to get to anxious and forget your responsibility to the team. Sometimes, heated moments arise in a match that could put you off your game. At these times, it is important to take a deep breath and stay calm and composed to ensure the quality of your performance.

5. Technique – Quality touches!

Use the warm up to get yourself ready for the game. Lots of repetitions of short passes, control with all parts of your body, headers, etc…; all of these techniques are key to your performance during a game. When game time comes, you should be confident in your technique. Once the game begins, you will have fewer touches than in practice so when the time comes you need to be ready!


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