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EduKick Brazil Students Gather During Training

EduKick Brazil Director Armandinho Manjate is a former professional player with Sporting Olhanense in Portugal and FC Volendam in Holland. Armandinho has spent the majority of his time since retirement as a player coaching or scouting for a number of Brazilian professional teams including EduKick Brazil affiliate club Fluminense FC.

Armandinho oversees every aspect of the training and ensures that all EduKick Brazil players are receiving the required level of training from the Fluminense FC Academy staff as well as conducting training sessions himself.


EduKick Brazil Students Training in the Afternoon

Each week, students receive two coaching sessions per day.  This constant training helps them to build strength, speed, endurance and agility. EduKick participants train alongside the young aspiring local Brazilian players 4 – 5 hours per day 5 days per week following the training plan and methods of the Fluminense FC Youth Academy.

The double sessions provide the EduKick participants with increased technical ability and tactical awareness as well as the strength, endurance, speed and agility that is required for the modern game.


EduKick Brazil Students Pose for Team Photo

EduKick Brazil welcomes individual participants and whole teams to develop their football training as well as exposing them to a new culture and language.

Training and studying in a foreign country allows students to learn new tactics and skills that will help them as they progress in their football career.




EduKick Brazil Students Play Competitively
Each weekend the participating students will be placed with one of the Fluminense FC Academy youth teams to play competitive matches.

The Fluminense Youth Academy has two or three different teams within each age group (U12, 14, 16, 18) that play at different levels of competition both nationally and regional so EduKick Brazil participants will win a place on one of the teams based upon their performance and development during the previous weeks training.


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