Insider Look at Spanish National Team Players

Anselmo Vicioso Aragones, EduKick Spain football academy director, recently spent time with top players from the Spanish national team: Fernando Torres, Andres Iniesta, Iker Casillas, Carlos Marchena, Sergio Ramos, and David Villa.

It was a great reunion for Anselmo who was the mental coach for the Spanish men’s national team in preparation for the 2006 World Cup. After meeting with the players Anselmo shared his exciting experience with us.

“Spain’s world champ players are great players,” said Anselmo. “But their humbleness and respect for the game and opponents is absolutely out of this world.”


Captains of the Spanish National Team, Casillas and Marchena said they were happy to be counted among the top football players in their generation. They were very happy to see Anselmo.

Soccer academy coach with Iker Casillas, Marchena EduKickCasillas recalled back in 2006 asking Anselmo “Do you think that we, Spain, can win it all?”

“This team is a winning team, and soon you will see the results,” Anselmo assured him.

The prediction proved true, with a string of stunning Spanish victories leading to a European Championship win in 2008 and a World Cup win in 2010.

Casillas said he would always be grateful for what he learned while working with Anselmo, and considers himself a more mature player now. Marchena agreed, and even talked about getting old, now that he is 32. However, Anselmo pointed out that getting older is not a bad thing in the world of football.

“But now you are a much better player all around,” said Anselmo. “You know better, you understand the game better in situations on and off the field.”


Torres and Iniesta talked and joked with Anselmo. “You were a better player than us,”.

Soccer academy coach with Andres Iniesta, Ferdanda Torres EduKickAnselmo laughed, congratulating them on their recent championship win, and for being new fathers. Iniesta has one girl, while Torres has two boys.

The Spanish players also talked about the secret to their football success: “Training, hard work, collective playing, and being humble.”

As for tactics, they believe in short, accurate passing and precise playing. “Control the ball, control the game” is their motto.

“Our EduKick Madrid Academy philosophy is identical to the Spanish national team,” said Anselmo. “We train our players to follow exactly the same goals and values.”

Training with the EduKick Madrid Academy helps players realize their potential as part of an elite team. They constantly strive to achieve bigger and bigger results.


Sergio Ramos and Villa were also very happy to see Anselmo.

Soccer academy coach with David Villa, Sergio Ramos EduKick“They seemed very relaxed and content to be part of such a great legendary team,” said Anselmo. “They are making history for their incredible collective technique.”

Villa discussed his Champion League Final goal against Manchester United. Then he and Iniesta explained the details of Barcelona and Guardiola’s team approach for big competitions.

EduKick Madrid teaches these same tactics as part of the Academy program.

“We also train our players in the Spanish and Barcelona way of playing football. We love what we do and we are fortunate to have talented young players with our program.” said Anselmo


Anselmo’s best memory of working with the Spanish national team came on the heels of a defeat by France. “All the young players were literally crying in the locker room,” he said.

The coaches approached each one of the players, comforting them. “We told them, ‘Next time, when you have the chance, you will win,’” said Anselmo.

Two years later, the team came back at big tournaments, going on to win the EUROCUP. Two years after that, they came back again to win the World Cup in 2010.

“The basis of our reasoning is this: To win big, you have to have lost big before,” said Anselmo. “That first loss four years ago was the base for coming back so strong to win it all. We believed in every player’s potential to achieve big, even after they were hurt by the previous big loss.”

“This is a big part of the EduKick Madrid Academy philosophy and something we teach to all of our particpants,” said Anselmo.

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